Girlpower: Christina Nielsen - PCC (Blog #7)

It was not the most easy weekend of the season for the talented Danish race driver Christina Nielsen, but again the young lady scored a podium within the B-class of the Porsche Carrera Cup. During qualification her pace seemed to be good enough for some victories at the Dutch circuit in the dunes, but a weird weekend only gave her a second place. Christina Nielsen talks about her race weekend at Zandvoort in her latest blog.

Nielsen driving at ZandvoortIf I would say that it was a weekend of chaos, it would be a mild way to describe the weekend. It all began with a bad start on Friday during the practice. Due to several reasons I was unlucky, but luckily I found the pace by the end of the second practice which put me in a strong place among the B-drivers. I was on P1 of the B-drivers, but it was also a strong position among the general classifications, where I was on P13. I was happy that I found a better rhythm on track by the end of Friday, but the feeling of being 100% ready for the qualification the next day was not really there. Zandvoort is not an easy track and because of the problems during practice I wished I would have had more track time.

The qualification, which was up next, was a difficult situation. Unfortunately, I did not manage to put all my sector times together with the first set of tyres and when I was out on my second set of tyres so many drivers had been off track and then back on, which meant that the track had gotten dirty and the level of the track was not as high as in the beginning. With the second set of tyres my flow around the track was better and I managed to do two laps with times that were strong enough to put me on P1 and P2 among the B-drivers and P15 and P16 in general.

Nielsen at the podium of the second raceThe first race was everything but ordinary. Like the first race at N├╝rburgring I got a drive-through because I did a jump start. This time unfortunately the clutch was not working 100% and did therefore not hold back the car when I pushed the throttle when the lights went on. After only a few laps into the race another car had a huge cash causing a safety car situation. At that moment I was on P6 among the B-drivers. When the safety car finally went in and the race was restarted I overtook two other competitors, but as we had just finished our first green lap a dark cloud pulled in over Zandvoort and due to heavy rain the race was ended after only 8 laps in total with the safety car!

Sunday morning we were all eager to get into the car and end the race weekend in a proper way. For me the second race was a difficult race because of the conditions, but a simple race when it came to fights with the other B-drivers. I started on P2 in the B-class and P16 in general and I finished the race on P2 in the B-class and P15 overall. We started with slicks on a wet track, but by the end the track was almost dry. Because it had rained earlier on, it was a slippery track during the first half of the race and as well my first time on the track in rainy conditions. The Dutch driver Hoevert Vos was faster than me in this race, but none of the other B-drivers was close enough to me to fight for the second position in the end. Even though, it is always funnier to finish in first place. But I was also okay with my second place. I lost from a person who had Zandvoort as his home track, but I am sure that I now will come back stronger the next time!

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