Girlpower: Christina Nielsen - PCC (Blog #6)

With a victory in the B-class in the second race of the weekend, the young Danish lady Christina Nielsen wrote history in the Porsche Carrera Cup. She was the first female racing driver to win a race in this very competitive class. But, it could have been an even better weekend if she would not have a drive-through penalty in the first race of the weekend. In her latest blog, Christina Nielsen is telling about her successful weekend at the Nürburgring.

Nielsen on the podiumWhen the first pair of lights went on I was directly on the throttle and on my way to hit the limiter. It was 9.30 in the morning, the sun was shining from a cloudless sky and it was 36 degrees Celsius outside, which meant the track already had an excellent grip level. I was ready to release the clutch at any moment, when another feeling caught my attention. Just when the third pair of lights was turned on, I realised that the car was rolling. I had only rolled about 10 cm but that was enough to give me a penalty and I knew that right from the start.

That was the beginning of my first race at Nürburgring. When the weekend started it began on a positive note with a strong first practice and a solid qualifying. I was on P1 among the B-drivers for both start grids and P15 and P14 overall.

Nielsen in action

But as I described, in the beginning I was aware of my mistake and I was only waiting for the penalty. On the second lap, I got the penalty and after I did my drive-through penalty my chances of ending on the podium were gone. I finished on P18 and P5 in the class. What was supposed to be a podium race, ended with a disappointment but the hope was still there because the next day I had a new chance.

The next day when I woke up my first thought was “Today will be MY day to be on top of that podium!” I was back on the grid and ready to give it my best. It was the last race of the weekend and I hoped that this day nothing would go wrong. As my mechanic left the car after giving me the usual knuckles for good luck, I did my nerve-calming ritual.

Nielsen and her father

Of course successful moments are some of the best memories in motorsport, but one of the moments I love the most, I create at every race weekend. It is a moment of pure awesome Porsche horsepower sound.  I rest my neck by letting the Hans device hold my head so I can relax as much as possible while I close my eyes. I then give the throttle the first push. Not too hard, just so the revs go up a bit. I then push it again a bit harder, and again a bit harder. In this moment nobody else exists, the adrenaline is floating in my blood and a boost of confidence by feeling like one with the car makes me smile and as I open my eyes – this is when I feel ready to race.

Finally I had a weekend with a happy ending. I was a bit too slow to get the fast times in the beginning, but by driving constant lap times through the race I finished on P1 in my class and P9 overall. At this day, Sunday the 19th of August 2012 I was a part of changing a part of German Carrera Cup history, by having the best position ever among female drivers since the series had its first championship round 22 years ago.

It was an amazing ending to another race weekend and for sure I could not have done it without Farnbacher Racing. Once again they did an amazing job, and right now, as I am sitting on the airplane on my way back home to Denmark, my father is looking at the video from the podium for the twentieth time. It is a pretty cool thing to have a father who is so into your sport – Even though it can be a pain in the ass from time to time ;)!

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