Girlpower: Christina Nielsen - PCC (Blog #5)

After a short break, Christina Nielsen was back on track for racing. This time she wasn't competing in her regular championship, which is the Porsche Carrera Cup. The young Danish lady drove a race with the Porsche Sports Cup on the fabulous track of Spa-Francorchamps. Christina Nielsen is telling about her weekend at Spa-Francorchamps in her latest blog.

After a break from racing it was time to get back into the car, and the next stop was the Spa-Francorchamps Racing Circuit in Belgium. It was my first time on the track, but since it is one of my father’s favourite circuits I was sure I was going to like it.

Christina Nielsen

Farnbacher Racing was once again ready for a weekend with racing, but this time it was at the Porsche Sports Cup. During the weekend I drove the 2 sprint races and the endurance race on Sunday was driven by my co-driver Mario Farnbacher and I.

The first sprint race was started from P17 and it was my first race ever with a flying start. The start went well and I came out of the first corner on P15. I had some battles throughout the race and some of the people who were being overlapped were definitely making the end of the race interesting. The best adrenaline kick I had through the race was actually when overtaking a guy who was being overlapped. It was a true Fast-And-Furious-overtaking when me and another car went on each side of the car to overtake him through a smaller corner and ended side by side to the next corner, which was arriving shortly after the overtaking. Real overtakes are not as they appear in most movies .. Overtakes are not made when changing a gear or by pushing harder on the throttle. Whenever there is a given chance the throttle is always pushed to the ground!

Sunday morning was then started by the second race, where I was supposed to start from P13 but due to technical problems I needed to go back into the pit and have the team correct the problems. Unfortunately, that meant I had to start from the pit lane and since around 50 cars were participating in the race there was a long way up to the top. As soon as the green light appeared I was out of the pit lane and luckily I got out just as the end of the field was coming out of the first corner. I was after the first corner on P48. I was working my way up but only 5 minutes into the race the car on P40 decided that he would follow me on the outside when I was overtaking him into a corner which left me with no space in the middle of the corner and we had a small crash.

Christina Nielsen with the trophiesThe rest of the race was driven with a steering that was totally off and the car was very hard to drive. To only make it harder I accidently made a flat spot with 10 min left of the race. Even though it was a race full of fighting and I was happy with the race because my times were good and we finished at P17 overall and P2 in the class. I found out later that the last lap was cancelled so on the paper I ended P20 overall and P3 in the class.

The endurance race was again a race with challenges, but the start was well preformed by my co-driver Mario Farnbacher. We got a drive through early in the race because we went 1 second too quickly out of the pits and a stop-and-go for overtaking in a yellow zone. But Mario drove well through the race and drove the car into P6.

I took over the car and drove the last stint. I went out on cold slicks on a track which was drying up after a rainy cloud  had crossed Spa. To be honest my nerves were on. My dad always told me in situations like this: “Drive the car like you are an ballet dancer. Loosen up and drive it nice and smooth.” It is harder than it sounds, but I did my best and as the race ended we finished P8 among all 50 drivers and P2 in the class.

It was a weekend on one of the most special racetracks with highspeed corners you can’t find at just any racetrack.  Now I am back home and the countdown for the next Carrera Cup at Nürburgring is on!

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