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If there is a racing circuit that would be described as insane, it would be the Nordschleife. During the 5th round of the VLN, a German racing series, Christina Nielsen drove at this circuit with a very good result as an outcome. The Danish young lady is telling about her experiences throughout the weekend in her latest blog.

Nielsen and FarnbacherIf somebody told me that there must be something wrong with us I would not argue with them. To drive around a track like Nordschleife, known as the “Green Hell”, is not something for everyone! But I think every race driver would agree with me, when I say it is something that every race driver should experience before their career is completed. Even the spectators would probably agree with me, when I say that the atmosphere at the VLN races is unique and one of a kind.

We drive around a track with a speed that is for sure insane when you look at the track condition. But we do it anyway, because the feeling we get from it is indescribable, and at every VLN event the spirit is high, the competition level in every class is strong, and because it simply just is an amazing experience.

My co-driver was once again Mario Farnbacher. Our weekend started out with no free practice on Friday due to technical problems, so our first laps around Nordschleife were during Saturday morning at the qualifying. Mario had the quickest lap and our start position for the race was P23. We drove 2 stints each and Mario Farnbacher drove the first, which meant he did the flying start.

Mario did an amazing job at the start and with his speed we were on P14 after the first lap. Throughout the 4 hours of racing we moved up and down a bit, but managed to always stay in the top of the field. It was a tough race and during the race we were both feeling that the gearbox was beginning to struggle. I was driving the last stint, which was really nerve-racking due to the gearbox. But as I drove through the last corner and entered the start and finish line, I saw the chequered flag, and the feeling of happiness and success replaced the nervousness.

Over all, I was really happy with the result. We finished P3 in our class and P13 among all 109 finishing cars. The team did an amazing job concerning the car and I am just so grateful for everything the Farnbacher family has done for me.

Nielsen racing at NordschleifeBut I would also like to say thank you to everybody who worked at the VLN event. There was a good structure and the event was handled well by the committee.  Also the marshalls did a great job, helping us who drove the faster cars, by being quick with the blue flag. The yellow zones where also working well so a big thank you to all of the people who worked during the 5th VLN Race.

This race was very important to me, because of the way my last race at this track ended. This race was for me a step in the right direction to becoming a stronger and more confident race driver. I proved to myself that I am able to do well at Nordschleife and bring home a good result. But then again - I would not have been anywhere without the team.

A lot of people think that racing is an egoist sport but that is far from true. Race drivers would be nowhere without the team. A racing team is a group of people who are all needed, for the team to be able to perform 100%.

On every journey there are people who help us on our way. Did you remember to thank them for their help? If not – you know what to do!

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