Girlpower: Christina Nielsen - PCC (Blog #3)

A pretty tough weekend, that would be the best description for Christina Nielsen to describe her races and her weekend on the Norisring. During the past weekend, the short racing track in Germany was the place of action for DTM and also the Porsche Carrera Cup. The young Danish lady talks about her races and weekend during this latest blog.

Christina NielsenAfter my first crash at Nordschleife, which led to a visit at the hospital and a new car for the next race weekend, a lot of people told me to learn from it and then forget. It was also what I was told after I was driven off by another driver at the next race weekend at Red Bull Ring, where the push from the other driver would sent me directly into the wall .. again. I sure did learn and even though I thought I had forgotten it, it followed me at my race weekend at the city track Norisring.

We started of bad by not being able to drive the first practice due to technical problems. Track time was important this weekend since it was my first time on this track. The second practice was moved to Saturday morning, which meant we had practice, qualifying and our 1st  race at the same day and that didn’t leave much time for me to learn or the mechanics to do their work.

Norisring is a short track, but it is definitely a hard track to learn, to find the right breaking points, turn in points and acceleration points. The practice and qualifying was not easy, but I used the most time I had to keep improving. Later the same day we drove our 1st  race, which was a race of chaos for most drivers – sadly I was one of them. I made a good start and I avoided the chaos on the first 2 laps. With around 10 laps to go we had to pull out of the race, because the engine was leaking oil and we had problems with the gearbox.

It was a disappointing day, but the people who gave me the most hope and made me believe in a new start the next day was my team. My mechanics worked hard until 1:00 AM to fix the engine and gearbox and my team boss was by my side the entire time.

The 2nd  race was tricky. It had rained during the night and early morning but the sun was about to come, which left all drivers with slicks on wet ground. The engine made it through this race, but was again leaking oil and not working at its best performance. As it turned out I was not the only one with engine problems. Also one of the fast drivers from the A-Wertung had the same problem. I don’t have anymore information at the moment, but will update when I know more at:

Nielsen racing on NorisringBut the technical problems was not the only thing occupying my mind during this weekend. I thought I had let go of the feelings that I was left behind with after my 2 crashes, but as the weekend was about to end, I had to admit to myself that I was probably still carrying some insecurity around. To have 2 big crashes into the wall and then having the next track simply made of walls with no run-off space was a big challenge.. Maybe a bit too big for me at the moment. I normally feel completely safe and comfortable in my car, but this time a bit of the comfort feeling was missing.

To forget is sometimes difficult and it is not always that we are as strong as we wish we were. And if we don’t accept that, we will never learn how to be stronger. My focus during the summer before the next race will be to prepare mentally so my confidence will be back 100%!

Like the famous quote says: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”