Girlpower: Christina Nielsen - PCC (Blog #2)

Christina Nielsen certainly loves to drive the fast German made cars of Porsche, but this time she was not driving the Porsche Carrera Cup car. The young Danish girl was invited to drive an Annual Classic Race in Aarhus, Denmark, with a classic Porsche. She enjoyed her weekend a lot and is telling about her experiences thoughout the weekend in this new blog.

Christina and Mads with their trophies

"Okay first gear in, the rpms are up and I am releasing the clutch – F****”  .. The car rolled backwards. I was told several times before the first practice that in the Porsche 911ST from 1971 the 1st gear and the reverse gear were switched around. But as the nerves hit me before I went out on the city track in Aarhus in Denmark, I totally forgot and my instincts took over. It gave me and my team for the weekend, Team State of Art, a good laugh which made my nerves go away.

Team State of Art had earlier this year invited me to be their co-driver at the Annual Classic Race in Aarhus in Denmark and it turned out to be a successful weekend for us. All cars were divided into different classes depending on which year they were made in.

Since I was new on track, I drove the practice on Friday and on Saturday Mads Jensen (my co-driver) drove the qualifying. It was a new type of racing that I have never tried before. Driving in the streets with 200+ km/h between concrete blocks is definitely not for sissies! But the Porsche drove surprisingly well around the track and the grip it had through the corners was amazing considering it is a car from 1971. They sure know how to build cars those people from Porsche!

Christina Nielsen driving the Porsche

Saturday afternoon we had our first race, which was 30 minutes and each driver drove 15 minutes. 20 antique, but still competitive, cars were lined up for an interesting race. Among the drivers was also my father Lars Erik Nielsen, who did a great job during the weekend and finished 1st and 3rd in the two classes he competed in.

Our first race also went well. Because of problems with the gearbox we had to start without 1st gear, but we managed to finish 1st and 2nd in our class and 6th and 7th among all 20 cars.

Sunday we had our 2nd race and that turned out to be a wet experience. After 9.30 am it started raining and it kept coming the rest of the day. Our hard working mechanics had worked all night trying to fix the gearbox, so we could be competitive during the start of the race.  It was working, but it was a bit tricky since my co-driver and I needed to stay with one hand on the gear shifter to keep it in first gear, but both our starts went very well and we had a strong performance throughout both races. We ended with a solid win against the other drivers in our class and in total we became a 4th and 5th position among all drivers.

Christina Nielsen at the track of ArhusWith our results through the weekend we ended on top of the podium and we could walk away with a trophy and a big smile. An amazing weekend was about to end, even though I wished it didn’t had to. Once again, I had been so lucky to be a part of a hard working team with a positive energy and a passion for cars and racing that is rare to find. Therefore, I want to say thank you for everything to Team State of Art and thank you for an amazing weekend.

Lucky for me it will not be long before I am back on track in my own baby, which I will drive around Norisring in the upcoming weekend.

Will I see you there? – I Hope so!


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