Girlpower: Christina Nielsen - PCC (Blog #1)

A talented, fast Danish girl in a fast, stunning car is the best way to describe the current story of Christina Nielsen. The young Danish girl is racing in the Porsche Carrera Cup during the 2012 season and she is telling her story, experiences and results in her blog at! The first episode of her journey is released below.

Christina NielsenAs I walked into the area of Hockenheim racetrack, I began to feel the butterflies in my stomach. A new season, a new year in a new car was about to begin. I could not believe how lucky I was. Actually, I still can’t believe how lucky I am, that I, Christina Nielsen, am racing in such a strong and amazing category.

My team had already arrived and had prepared everything for the weekend. My car, with a design like no other car, was standing there all ready to be taken out for a drive.

This year in the PCC (Porsche Carrera Cup) there are two classes and, even though both classes drive together, the drivers are competing for 2 different championships. There is the “A-Vertung” (A-class), which is for the experienced drivers, and a “B-Vertung” (B-class), which is more for beginners. Because this is so much bigger than everything else I had ever driven and the fact that I still have a whole lot to learn, we decided to enter in the “B-Vertung” this year.

So, the season started alright for me. I finished on the podium 2 times among the B drivers at my first race weekend. I had some good fights and I was happy with my starts. Two third places! And even though that was very nice and I was satisfied with my first race weekend, I could not wait to get in the car again and find more tenths around the next track. That next track was Lausitzring, the place for our second round of the championship.

Racing in Porsche Carrera Cup

This was a weekend which involved a spin in the race and some overtaking on the last lap.  Overall a weekend where I learned a lot again, got to know the car better and made small but consistent steps in the right direction. It all ended up with 2 podium places again, this time it were both second places among the B drivers.

The third race weekend at Nürburgring (Nordschleife) did not end quite the same way as the first two did. Instead of ending up at the podium, I ended up at the hospital after a hard crash with another competitor. Oops! That was not exactly the weekend I wished for and yes a tear or two did appear after my accident. But not because I was in pain, but because of the sight of my car. A feeling that I think every race driver can relate to.

After this weekend my team chief at Farnbacher Racing and my mechanics were working non stop every single day before our next race weekend at Red Bull Ring in Austria two weeks later. Luckily I have some pretty awesome mechanics and as promised my baby with number 91 was standing all ready at Red Bull Ring when I arrived.

Podium at Lausitzring

It was a difficult weekend and unfortunately involved a penalty, driven off by another driver and flat spotted tyres. Overall a weekend to learn from, but after that to erase and forget about.

Now, I am back home in Denmark to spend some time with my family and friends before the next race weekend at the beginning of July. My time at home of course involves a lot of hours in the gym, preparing mentally and watching YouTube videos of the city track Norisring, which is the decor of the next race weekend.

Racing is a lot of difficult moments and disappointing moments, but it is the good and successful moments that make it all worth it. So let’s fight for the good moments and stay positive every time we sit in the car that makes our heart beat a bit faster than anything else.