Interview with Julían Leal

He will compete in the GP2 Series during the 2012 season. Together with his team, Trident Racing, he is looking for the victories and podiums to achieve his ultimate goal: racing in Formula 1. spoke to Julían Leal about his career, his goals and his life.

Julían Leal

Julían, I think most of the visitors will be familiar with your name. Unfortunately, some of them will not know who you are. Could you give a brief introduction about yourself?
Hello! I am Julían Leal. I am 21 years old and I am a GP2 racing driver of Trident Racing. GP2 Series is the main feeder of Formula 1. My goal is definitely to reach Formula 1 and race there.

Some race drivers are getting involved in racing through friends or family. How did you get involved in racing?
I am involved in racing, because of my father. He really likes cars, and when I was really little he explained to me how to drive etc. After that, I started in karting and I was improving myself over and over again until where I am now: in GP2 Series.

If you take a look ahead, what do you think that the future will bring to you?
My dream, I think it is the same like the other drivers in my category, is to win in Formula 1. But before that, I have to do very well in the GP2 Series. For sure, if the results arrive, I will have a big possibility to go to Formula 1.

Leal in GP2 Series

The life of a race driver is tough physically and mentally. Do you have a special training programme to stay fit and to gain strength?
Yes, I think all our life is about physical and mental training. I live in Viareggio, Italia, where there is one of the best training centres called Shape Driver, by Giuseppe Sebastiani. We are doing workouts every day and we have different techniques to improve our mental training.

From the outside, being a race driver looks like a real dream. But there are also negative points, of course. If you could take people a look at the ‘inside’ of racing, what do you think is the most negative point of being a race driver?
I think there are not any negative points, if you are doing what you like you will remain happy. It is not an easy life, because you have to stay so far away from home and you have to work every day of the year, but that is not negative, it is only work.

What would you like to say to everyone that is dreaming of a career in racing?
I would like to say that you have to believe in it, if you really like to do something. You have to believe that you can do it. Maybe you will have some bad moments, but you do not have to look at them. Look ahead, because if you work a lot, good moments are waiting for you and they may be just around the corner.