Girlpower: Cyndie Allemann is going for it in 2012

There are sports where being a talented athlete is a very crucial factor to successes, sports like soccer, hockey, athletics and tennis. Like many people know, racing cars or motors is a totally different world. Racing doesn’t only bring higher risks in comparison to the mentioned sports; it also applies for other things to be successful compared to other sports. Being a talented young driver isn’t the most important factor to be successful in racing. There are thousands of fast, talented boys and girls, but just a few will make it to the very top. Being at the top is a tough thing to achieve, staying there is even harder.

Cyndie Allemann

Without a doubt, there are ‘miracles’ in racing who can count on their huge amount of talent and ‘raw speed’ such as Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, James Courtney and Dario Franchitti. But, there are more drivers that are fast, talented, young and currently at home than there are young, rich and untalented drivers.

Cyndie Allemann is a fast, talented, young driver that is currently at home without racing the competitive championships she deserves. She won championships in karting, grabbed pole positions and podiums in formula cars and has beaten even current F1 drivers in several racing cars. The place she should be, is on the racetrack!

No, we don’t bring her to your attention because she is a good looking young girl. The girls that are judged by those facts are in front of the car, not in the car. We bring her to your attention, because she is eager to show the world she is still there. She is faster, healthier and more motivated than ever before. Cyndie Allemann belongs to the competitive elite. She has the drive, work ethic and spirit to get what she wants!

What she wants? She wants to prove that she is back and the fastest, the best and the most talented driver you could imagine.

We, as, totally believe in this! So, join the forces and let’s show the world in 2012 that Cyndie Allemann is a fast driver the people need to take in account.

Cyndie racing during the Le Mans Series at Spa-FrancorchampsWhat will the 2012 season look like?
Cyndie: “There are many different options for 2012. As I have been racing in Europe and America, I am very well known on both continents and therefore it is hard to know exactly my plan yet. Definitely, GT car series will be one of the top options for 2012, but it will really depend on how much budget we will find for next year. We are working hard to get some good sponsorship for next years and have good partners on board.”

Why considering Cyndie Allemann for a partnership?
Cyndie: “As written above, I am known in the racing world in Europe but in America as well so working with me get you a worldwide network. “

“Supporting a fast female driver always bring lots of attention to the media and fans. Not only I am a race car driver, but I also really don’t mind being in front of a camera.”