Interview with Sebastian Vettel

Michael Schumacher is one of the most legendary drivers. But, there is a German talented driver that is keen to become an even bigger legend. His name is Sebastian Vettel and during 2008 he already impressed a lot of people in Formula 1. spoke to Sebastian Vettel in an exclusive interview.

Sebastian VettelHello Sebastian, you are one of the biggest talents in autosport at the moment. A lot of our visitors will know who Sebastian Vettel is, but could you give a brief introduction about yourself anyway?
I do not like to talk about myself, so I let the others do it! But to give you a brief introduction: I’m Sebastian Vettel. I’m 21 years old. I’m born in a place in Germany called Heppenheim. Currently I am driving Formula 1 with the team of Scuderia Toro Rosso.

A lot of people are dreaming of a career in racing. You already have a great career in racing, but how did it all started? Have your parents always supported you?
My family has been very important for me, with their full support. I started when I was very young and thanks to them I am where I am now. My father raced in hillclimbings, so that was also an important factor. The reason I started racing is just the fact that it is a sport that I love since I was a little child. I wanted to have a career in racing and started karting. After that I made it to the cars and now I am in Formula 1, which always has been a dream to me!

Like a lot of other race drivers you have started your career in karting. Did karting made a good base to your further career? Do you think karting is an essential part in the career of a racedriver?
Karting is usually were all young drivers start from and I started there too. It is definitely an important school and I still enjoy karting very much, when I have got some spare time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often nowadays. But yes, you can say karting is an essential step in the career of every driver.

During your career you raced in some different formula-cars and championships. What championship do you like the most? Which race during your career do you remember the most? Which race during your career do you want to forget as soon as possible?
I like the European Championship of karting the most, because it was in the beginning of my career. If I had not made such a good start of my career, maybe I would have never entered the world of Formula 1! But in the cars it would definitely be my championship in Formula BMW ADAC.

I really have no bad memories. I have learnt a lot from the races that maybe disappointed me, so there are no bad races to me! Every race is important to me.

Vettel driving Formula 1 with Scuderia Toro RossoIn 2008 you will race Formula 1 with Scuderia Toro Rosso, after you joined them during a few races in 2007. The step into Formula 1 must be a great step in your career? What are your expectations of your first full season in Formula 1 as a race driver?
I'm very excited and fully motivated. I'm looking forward to racing, especially on those tracks I missed last year.

The team and I have made good steps forward, which increase our level of expectations. Toro Rosso is a great team, full of passionate people and together we will always give the maximum to achieve always better results. We have to keep the feet on the ground so we won't win races, but we can expect to score more points than last year. Hopefully 2008 will be the base to a further career in Formula 1!

In 2009 you will get the seat of David Coulthard, which will end his active career in Formula 1. This means you will get a promotion within the ‘Red Bull family’ from Scuderia Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing. What does that mean to you?
I am very pleased to be given that chance by Red Bull and I’m happy to stay with them. I have been supported by them since I was just a little kid. In 1999 I entered their Red Bull Junior program and they keep supporting me, which means a lot to me! Of course it is always comforting to know early enough what you are going to do next year, where you’re going to be and therefore I can focus now one hundred percent on this season. The way I grew up, the way my family taught me things about life, I learned to do things step by step so the most important thing now is to focus on this year and the remainder of this season. We have still some races left and the target now is to score as many points as we can.

If you could change one thing in your career, what would it be then?
Every experience, good or bad, teaches you something so I would not change anything really! And I made it to Formula 1 quite fast, so I can’t say that I want to be in Formula 1 faster or win more titles etc.

Vettel driving Formula BMWIf you take a look to the future of your career in racing, what do you hope that it brings to you? Do you have any targets that still have to be accomplished?
Well, my main target is to win the championship in Formula 1! But before I have accomplished that, I certainly have to win races and grab podium places. So in the near future I want to drive some good seasons with podium places and victories, which will make me the champion.

Being a race driver is like a dream, especially for people who only know racing from the outside. But if you can give them a look at the ‘inside’ of racing, what will be the most negative part of it?
I enjoy every single part of it. Of course there are things you do not enjoy as driving the car but that’s the way it is. I’m not complaining about it at all. I love my life and I think many teenagers are jealous about my life, so I’m really thankful to everyone that is supporting me.

If I have to choose the things that I don’t like very much then I have to say that I would like to hang out some more time with my friends and family. I’m glad that they now that I’m a busy youngster and they appreciate it and keep supporting me.

What would you like to say to all the people that are dreaming of a career in racing, especially to the talented boys and girls?
I would say that if you’ve got a dream you have to work hard to make your dream come true, even if it looks difficult or even impossible. At least you can’t have regrets and sometimes dreams do come true!