Interview with Luca Filippi

Luca Filippi is a talented Italian driver, which has driven in several formula cars and championships. In GP2 Series he is a serious contender for podium places, which could bring him to Formula 1. spoke to Luca Filippi in an exclusive interview.

Luca FilippiHi Luca, a lot of our visitors will not know who Luca Filippi is. Could you give an introduction about yourself to these visitors?
I’m Luca Filippi. I’m 21 years old and I live in Mondovì (north west of Italy), but I’m always staying in Forlì (little town near Bologna) for my athletic training. But when I can, I come back to visit my family and my friends.

You already won some important races and you are recognised as a talented racedriver, but how did it all start? Did you want to be a racedriver since you were just a little boy?
I drive since I was 9 years old. The first time I tested a go kart was in my hometown circuit and I fell in love with it. Then about 2 months later, I had my first 60cc kart and I was already approaching this sport in a really competitive and ambitious way.

Like the most of the racedrivers you started with racing in the go-karts. Is karting an important part of the career of a racedriver? Was it important to you?
I think that karting is very important, because you learn how to manage the pressure in important competitions and to relate with professional people working for you.

You already raced in some different categories. What was the most important race in your career? Which race in your career do you like to forget as soon as possible?
The most important race for me it was Imola last GP2 season, when I started 11th and I finished 5th in a circuit where it is very difficult to overtake and I proved myself that I was ready for GP2. Then, I don’t think that I need to forget any races I did because also bad moment are important your personal experience.

In 2007 you will be racing in GP2 again, after racing GP2 in 2006. What are your expectations when it is about the 2007 season? Do you like the GP2 Series?
GP2 is the most important category below F1 and I know that all the best drivers are challenging for the same goal I have. Anyway, I think this season we are very competitive and we can fight for podium in every single weekend.

All racedrivers are very busy, but what does an average week of Luca Filippi looks like? Do you have a special training programme?
I have a personal trainer following me every day, who’s pushing me to my best day after day. I also try to look after my athletic condition with the work with my physioterapist and with special diet.

Filippi driving GP2My average day is: wake up 7:30 , breakfast, after 14:00 I have 1 hours of running, lunch, 16:00 I go to gym for workout session, 19:30 dinner and I watch movie until 11:00 when I go to sleep.

If you could change one thing in your career, what would it be then?
Nothing. I’m happy with all the choices we made.

If you take a look at your future, what will the future bring to you? Do you have special targets that have to be accomplished?
My target now, is this season and I’m not looking to far forward and I’m just thinking race by race to do my best.

What would you like to say to all the boys and girls that are dreaming of a career in racing?
Obviously a motorsport career gives big satisfation, but you will also find difficult moments and that is the time to work harder and harder and never give up.