Interview with Carmen Jordá

Carmen Jordá is one of the best looking girls in motorsport and she is doing quite well. During the last seasons, she raced in different formula cars to obtain her goals. spoke to Carmen Jordá about her career and her future in motorsports.

Carmen JordáCarmen, you are a talented female driver and a lot of our visitors will know who you are. But could you please give a short introduction about yourself to the visitors that do not know you?
Well, hello! I am Carmen Jordá. I started racing when I was 11 years old. I started in go karts. I was 4 years in karting and when I became 16 years old I began racing in formulacars. This year is my second year in the Spanish F3 and I am racing with Campos Grand Prix.

How did you get involved in racing? Have you always wanted to become a racedriver yourself? Did your parents always support you?
My father was a racedriver himself and he lend his old go kart to me when I was just 10 years old. When I started racing I always knew that I wanted to be a race driver. My parents are always with me and they support me during all of the races.

You have started your career, like many other drivers, in karting. Did you enjoy your period in karting and do you think karting will be an essential step in the career of a racedriver?
I enjoyed my years in karting, because when I started it was like a play. I am sure that it is essential to race in karting almost 2 years before starting in formulacars.

You have raced in different formula cars throughout the years. You have started with Formula Master Junior and now you are racing at the Spanish Formula 3 championship. What are the main differences between the cars you have driven throughout your career? Which car, do you think, is the most exciting to drive?
Nowadays I think the most exciting is the Formula 3, because it is my car for this year and I like it so much because of the chassis. Driving Formula 3 is harder than driving the BMW of Formula Master Junior, but when you get the feeling it is easy to drive. The conduction of the BMW is most similar to a go kart and the potential that it has is not so high.

In 2008 you will drive the Spanish Formula 3 championship. What are your expectations of the coming season?
I hope to finish in top 5. This season I am racing with a F306 car. That is the chassis they race with in the class B. There is much more competition in the class B than in the class A, because there are more drivers in my challenge/class.

Every racedriver has good and bad moments during his career. What is your best moment in racing, until now? What is the moment you would like to forget as soon as possible?
The moment I would like to forget is when I was racing in karting and I had some problems with a team. I decided to leave the team and they did not wanted to give me my material (my go kart, my engines etc.). I was just 13 years old and it was very hard to understand that.

I had some good moments during last season with achieving some finishes on the podium, but I think the best moment during this season and my career is coming soon…

If you could change your life with another racedriver for just one day, who will be the one you are changing with?
I would like to change with Fernando Alonso, but for this season he is not having the best car in terms of grip and power.

Jordá driving Formula 3Is it hard to keep standing as a female driver in a world which is mainly filled by male drivers? What reactions do you get from other drivers, supporters, teams etc.?
It is a bit hard at the start, but when you have spent a half of your life in this sport you get involved with the other drivers. The reactions of the teams and supporters are like any other driver.

Besides that you are a racedriver, you are also a model. Is it easy to combine your modelling and racing career? If you had to choose between racing and modelling, what would you choose?
I am not a model. I just make some productions of fashion, because of my sponsors. Racing is what I like and what I want to do.

Many people think that the life of a racedriver is all fun and just a dream. But if you take a look to the ‘inside’ of racing, what is the hardest part of being a racedriver?
In the inside of the racing you will see that all the drivers have to train a lot, because in this sport there is a lot of competition. You have to be fit and well-prepared to be at the top of the lists.

What would you like to say to everyone that is dreaming of a career in racing?
I would like to encourage the drivers that are starting racing to improve day by day and to keep training a lot.