Interview with Adrian Sutil

He is by far one of the most talented German drivers. During his career he fought against some other future superstars like Lewis Hamilton. Of course, we are speaking about Adrian Sutil. spoke to Adrian Sutil in an exclusive interview.

Adrian SutilAdrian, you are a talented driver and a lot of our visitors will know who you are. But could you please give an introduction of yourself to the visitors that do not know you?
Thanks for the compliment. I was born near Munich and my father came to Germany thirty years ago. He was born in Uruguay; he is a professional musician and played the violin. I played the piano for a long time and came quite late to motorsport.

A lot of people are dreaming of a career in racing. You already have a great career in racing, but how did it all start? I know you were a talented pianist also, but why did you made the choice to get racing instead of being a pianist?
Because after being the first time in a go-kart I had the feeling I was talented and I loved to race with it. From that time on I knew I wanted to become a racedriver.

Like a lot of other racedrivers you started with karting. Did karting made a good base to your further career?
I started quite late and had very less money. So my career in karting was not very professional. I had always to do two steps to close the gap to those drivers who started very young and were very professional. But at the end I am there where I always wanted to be, in Formula 1. 

During your career you raced in some different formula-cars and championships. Which championship do you like the most? Which race during your career do you remember the most? Which race during your career do you like to forget as soon as possible?
I loved to race against Lewis Hamilton in Formula 3 Euroseries. I loved the races in Monaco and Spa, where I have the racerecord.

Sutil driving F3I would like to forget Pau, where I was leading ahead of Lewis quite comfortable. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and finished second.

Japan F3 was a great experience and very successful. I had a lot of good fights and races.

In 2007 you will race Formula 1 with Spyker. That must be a great step in your career? What are your expectations of your debuting season in Formula 1 as a racedriver?
Again I do have to make two steps, due to the fact that my experience in a F1 car is very less. I had only driven about 1.500 kilometres in a F1 car. But I feel well prepared and I am sure I will have a great year, where I learn a lot.

When you take a look at your schedule. What does a normal week of Adrian Sutil looks like? Do you have a special training programme?
Yes, I am training very hard to be prepared well for F1. I have my own programme, which I do every day. There are a lot of press meetings now. The interest in Germany and for sure in the Netherlands is great. But my schedule is really full.

Sutil driving the Spyker F1If you could change one thing in your career, what would it be then?
I would not change a thing. It worked all perfect. I am in F1, I do have a great manager who supported me from the beginning on and I do have great sponsoring partners with Medion and Capri Sun. I am very happy at the moment.

If you take a look to the future of your career in racing, what do you hope that it brings to you? Do you have any targets that still have to be accomplished?
I hope I will have a good and long time in F1. I will have some podium places one day and after that I will fight for the victory and hopefully also the championship. That’s my goal. I don’t know if it is going to happen, but I will work and fight hard for it as I always did.

What would you like to say to all the people that are dreaming of a career in racing, especially to the talented boys and girls?
Don’t give up and believe in your talent, work as hard as you can, enjoy racing and try to always give your best. If that is enough it will happen.