Interview with Wayne Boyd

There are youngsters that are very fast. During the last years, especially British drivers are very fast. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button became the World Champions in Formula 1 and other British driver are on top in different classes. Wayne Boyd is one of the British youngsters that is fast and already has some nice results. He became the first person since Jenson Button to win both, British Formula Ford Championship and Formula Ford Festival. spoke to Wayne Boyd in an exclusive interview.

Wayne BoydWayne, you are a talented British driver and most of our visitors will know who you are. But could you please give a short introduction about yourself to the visitors that do not know you?
My full name is Wayne Raymond Boyd. I am born at the 25th of October 1990. I am a full time racedriver and driving a Volkswagen Golf as a private car. Most of the time, I lived in Silverstone, England. I am part of the MSA Race Elite and BRDC Superstars scheme and I enjoy training, football and chilling out with my friends.

How did you get involved in racing? Have you always wanted to become a racedriver yourself? Did your parents always support you?
From 3 years old, I had a 50cc quad and absolutely loved it, and then when I was 5 I got an 80cc quad so I always loved speed. Then, when I was 11, my dad took me to an indoor rental kart track and I loved it, so we then went to watch a local kart race at Nutts Corner Kart Track and from then I always kept asking to get me a kart so I could go racing. I finally got a kart and started racing in September 2001 and racing has been my life ever since. My parents have always supported me.

You have started your career, like many other drivers, in karting. Did you enjoy your period in karting and do you think karting will be an essential step in the career of a race driver?
I spent 6 years racing karts and I loved it, I feel kart racing is still one of the best kinds of racing as it is much easier to pass and race well. I think karting is a very important step in a racing driver’s career, because you learn a lot about driving and car control, but the most important thing, race craft; being able to defend and hold your position well is so important.

You have raced in different formula cars throughout the years. You have started with Formula Ford and also driven the Formula Renault 2.0 car. Lately, you were racing in Formula 3. What are the main differences between those cars? Which car, do you think, is the most exciting to drive?
Well, in 2007 I started racing in Kent Formula Ford, mostly in Northern Ireland. Then in 2008, I went to race in the British Formula Ford Championship (Duratec), then I did a race in the Formula Renault Winter Series and in 2009 I raced in British Formula 3. The biggest difference between the Kent FF and the Duratec FF was the speed difference as a duratec is capable of up to 155mph. Then from Duratec FF to Formula Renault the differences were that the Renault was a bit slower but had more grip from the down force created from the wings. Then from Formula Renault to F3 the biggest difference was that the F3 car has a lot more grip from the wings, which I found quite difficult to get used to. Also the F3 car was quicker. The most exciting to drive is probably the Duratec Formula Ford as they are very quick but don’t have much grip.

Boyd winning the Formula Ford FestivalEvery race driver has good and bad moments during his career. Winning the Formula Ford Festival in 2008 will possibly be the best moment in your career, yet. Or, what are the best and worst moments in your career?
The best moments of my career are: 2007 I became the youngest ever person to win the Northern Ireland Formula Ford Championship. 2008 was definitely a standout year for me as I won the British Formula Ford Championship and the Formula Ford Festival, becoming the first person to win both in the same year since Jenson Button. Then in 2009 I won my first British Formula 3 race.

I’ve been very fortunate in my career to date that I haven’t had that many bad moments but probably the most stand out one would be the 2007 Formula Ford Festival. It was my first visit to Brands Hatch and I was only 16 at the time. In the final I was in 2nd place for the first 17 laps and going into the first corner on the 18th lap I saw my chance for the lead and made it through. Then at the next corner the 2nd place driver went over the top of me taking him and me both out of the race. If I had have won the race, I would’ve have been the youngest ever winner.

In 2009 you have driven the British Formula 3 Championship, where you won one race during the season. What are your expectations based on your further career?
Well my dream is to be a multiple Formula One World Champion and every time I get in a race car, I push as hard as I can to prove that I can make it to the best. For 2010 I hope to compete in the British Formula 3 Championship again and win it.

If you could change your life with another racedriver for just one day, who will be the one you are changing with?
My role model has always been Kimi Raikkonen as he is so quick but so calm and chilled out at the same time. So I’d probably say Kimi. Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi would be my two other choices.

Although the racedriver is the one that really scores the results, there are always a lot of people on the background that also have a big influence on the results and career of a racedriver (sponsors, mechanics etc.). Is there a special person in your career that you would like to thank, and why is that person special to you?
Yes definitely. My manager who picked me up at the end of 2007 is definitely the most important person in my career. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am at the moment, so big thanks to him.

Boyd grabbing his first victory in Formula 3I also would like to thank everyone who has helped in my career as they have all contributed to my success. My sponsors, DHL, Belfast Telegraph, and Racestar. Also special thanks to my dad for all his support!

Many people think that the life of a racedriver is all fun and just a dream. But if you take a look to the ‘inside’ of racing, what is the hardest part of being a race driver?
Yes a lot of people think being a racing driver is easy and all you have to do is drive a car. It’s much harder than people think, the amount of pressure you are under to perform, the training schedule you have to do to be able to be fit enough to drive the car etc. I think being away from home so much is the hardest thing. I’m not complaining though, I wouldn’t change my life for anything.

What would you like to say to everyone that is dreaming of a career in racing?
Follow your dream and push yourself as hard as possible to make your dream come true.